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Latest News

  • Annual report
  • December, 2014

    Two members of PSG receive leadership certificate – ICALS, first time in Azerbaijan

  • March - April, 2014

    Organizational support to INEPO-EUROASIA Ecological Olympiad to be held in Baku on April 2-5, 2014.

  • February, 2014

    “Practical Solutions Group” Limited Liability Company has been accredited as the “Expert-Auditors Certification Body” with Accreditation Certification No.AZ 031/11.1/12.0549.01.14, dated 28.02.2014, issued by the State Committee on Standardization, Metrology and Patents of Azerbaijan Republic.

  • April - May, 2013

    Organization of World Economic Forum in Baku. Organizational support to the I international forum titled “Together to the future” of Moscow State International Relations students in Baku .

  • October - November, 2013

    Organization of “Azerbaijan night” event in the World Economic Forum to be held in Davos, Switzerland .

  • April, 2012

    PSG has signed an agreement for providing of consulting services for the conducting of tax, property, customs, transport and legal consultancy with major CIS Energy Company.

  • March-April, 2012

    PSG provides support for organization of SOCAR’s OGPC FORUM 10-12 April, 2012

  • February, 2012

    PSG in Alliance with EPC Consulting provides marketing research on licensors for fertilizer technologies for Oil Company.

  • January-February, 2012

    Organizational support to Azerbaijan-USA Conference organized in Washington, USA.

  • January, 2012

    PSG in Alliance with EPC Consulting provides project management consultancy on purchasing of second hand petrochemical units for Oil Company.


Welcome to the official website of Practical Solutions Group (PSG).

PSG provides innovative approaches, models and instruments necessary for management excellence, increased profitability and profitability of business.

These versatile solutions provided by PSG are based on the requirements of best international standards to provide new opportunities for your success in business.

We always orient our solutions to fit client’s commitment to excellence.

To achieve this, we build our management based on the following main principles:

  • - Maintaining Relationships;
  • - Partnership and Collaboration;
  • - Focus on Customer Needs;
  • - Advising on Processes & Facts, in Accordance with international best practices and standards;
  • - Leadership & Constancy of Purpose;
  • - Staff Development & Involvement;
  • - Continuous Learning;
  • - Improvements & Innovations;
  • - Results Orientation.

PSG’s main goal is to help our customers create effectively organized business. Therefore, with PSG you choose a reliable team of professionals whose goal is to lead to your success.

We are always happy to support you with consultation and solutions in order to achieve your goals.

On our website you can find more information about our company, our customers, our services and projects.

At PSG, the client is our top priority!

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Build your career with us! Working in PSG is a great experience embedded with professionalism, diversity, knowledge and amity.
We have many chances for you to grow your career as a high level expert in legal, tax, finance, environment, procurement and business management issues.
We have ‎an ongoing recruitment program for highly qualified and experienced people who can take on exciting career challenges with us.

Our current vacancies are following:

1. Translator
2. Lawyer
3. Finance manager